‘Awesomesauce’ and ‘bruh’ added to dictionary while ‘charm’ and ‘dignity’ removed


CHICAGO, IL – On Wednesday the Oxford Dictionary announced the list of words being added and removed on their website.

“The English language evolves changes every year, and we like to keep up with the times.” States a representative from Oxford. Awesomesauce and butthurt are among those being added, along with:

  • Manspreading
  • Fur baby
  • Buttdial
  • Cleveland steamer
  • Hot Karl
  • Camel toe
  • Dungilingus
  • Sneaky penis
  • Rusty Trombone
  • Side hoe
  • Fnirgle-flapple
  • Kdfojedksj fdjsowkdf ovjicwecklj

The dictionary also removes words no longer in practice in the English language. “Charm and dignity are not only unused words now, but also obsolete.” says the rep. “How can there be a word for something that doesn’t exist?”

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Is this news even real? I mean ‘charm’ and ‘dignity’ removed and that too from such a well known dictionary. Look! Even my google spell checker shows that these word exists. Is this some kind of joke?

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