Midget locked in Walmart overnight after getting stuck in toilet


TULSA, OK – A little person is furious after spending the night stuck in a Walmart men’s room on Sunday.


“I went in there close to closing time when I heard nature calling,” tells the 31 year old man. “I went into the bathroom, climbed up the toilet then fell in. I was stuck, flopping around like that screaming and yelling for 20 minutes when the lights shut off. I called Walmart headquarters with my cellular telephone but they were not taking me seriously. The guy on the other end put me on speaker to retell my situation, only to be met with an entire office erupt with laughter. They told me prank phone calls are not encouraged by the company but thanked me for the laugh.”

The Walmart employee who rescued the man this morning was able to comment. “Yeah, I heard the little feller in there, cursing like a sailor. I opened the door and he was waving his tiny arms and legs around like an octopus.  I took about 15 pictures of him before I helped him out of the toilet. Managed to get my hat on him for a couple shots. He punched me square in the nuts after, but it was totally worth it.”

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