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Man adopts rescue dog; only brings it up twice in job interview


BURLINGTON, VT – A 26 year old graphic designer who interviewed for a job Thursday afternoon showed great reserve and modesty by only mentioning twice that he recently adopted a shelter dog.

The interviewer, stunned such humility stated, “Every time I interview someone with a rescue dog, they answer every question with that fact. What are your strengths? ‘My rescue dog’. What are your weaknesses? ‘My rescue dog’. Where did you go to school? ‘My rescue dog’. This guy shows up and demonstrates the strongest character I’ve ever seen.  He only answered ‘rescue dog‘ when I asked him how he heard of the job and what his Social Security number is.”

“It comes down to being a wholesome, fantastic, modest person,” says the rescue dog owner and champion of morality. “Although it is basic human nature to brag about being a hero and saviour to these animals, I am far greater than that. Because of my integrity, I also resist the urge to vilify people that buy their animals from breeders, because they are the scum of the earth.”

The man was awarded the job and immediately given the titles ‘President’, ‘CEO’ and ‘God’ of the company.


One comment on “Man adopts rescue dog; only brings it up twice in job interview

  1. Job Interview Questions
    October 8, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this!


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