Overweight man, mistaken for woman, ticketed for exposing breasts at beach


MYRTLE BEACH, SC – A husky 39 year old man was issued a ticket at a South Carolina beach for indecent exposure on Saturday afternoon when he was caught in the lewd act of sunbathing.


“I was at the beach with my wife, enjoying the nice weather, when four police officers stood around me,” states the man. “They said if I tried to run, they will easily catch me. I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. They told me ‘ma’am, this is a public beach, not a brothel. Cover those things up.'”

His wife spoke out, “I tried explaining to them my husband is a man but they were not listening. They just said they have no judgment towards our ‘alternative lifestyle’, but they must withhold public decency by not allowing exposure of human breasts at the beach.”

A statement was issued by the courthouse, “We have very strict laws in our society. What if there was a young child frolicking in the water and he happened to catch a glimpse of a breast? This is how school shooters are born. It is public decorum to place a razor thin strip of respectful leopard-print fabric across the human body. That is tasteful and appropriate for all ages.”

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I blame Obamy and the liberals for Amerikkka being all fat and shit.

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This is hilarious. As a woman I need to cover up my tits, why shouldn’t he have to cover his Moobies if they are the size of tits? It’s not that kids will be scared if they see his grotesque body, its that they will think its ok to have an unhealthy body image. Point being, its gross and out on a shirt.


No.. the point is that people are FAR too concerned with nudity, and shouldn’t be so freaked out by it.. It doesn’t hurt anyone. And as long as no one is performing sex acts or molesting people, it shouldn’t be a problem for even a woman to go topless. That is why it’s been made legal for women to go topless in NYC, and a few other places.
That said, HE IS A MAN, it is beyond absurd for them to ticket anyone for such a thing, especially a dude.. No matter how fat he is.

Plus, wtf is up with this quote: “This is how school shooters are born.” How could anyone think that.. Nudity doesn’t cause violent kids, that is impossible, there are other issues, mental health, bad parenting, bad school environment, which are to blame.. That is such an unrelated issue..

It’s too bad he didn’t have a license on him to prove his gender.. Obviously the fine will get dropped once he takes it to court. But he should sue and demand an apology from the individual cops involved, for calling him a woman.

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