Syria to take in American refugees if Donald Trump is elected


DAMASCUS – After a successful 14 second presentation by the Terrorism Board of Syria, the Syrian government agreed to accept any American citizen on refugee status if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

syrian terrorists

“There could be no worse leadership in this world,” states a Syrian terrorist. “We must show compassion to the American people and allow them past our boarders to escape such political turmoil. I for one am willing to stop terroristing and take care of some of them in my home, if necessary.”

Other countries like Ethiopia and the Central African Republic also agreed to take on potential refugees. “Last year each citizen made an average of $300 USD,” says an Ethiopian leader. “It’s not much money, but we can provide a better life for the new American immigrants.”

Donald Trump has not commented on the issue, he was busy bringing a dog and pony show with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party to protest the Iran nuclear deal.  No, really.

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