Man arrested for ‘fat-shaming’ after posting picture of weight loss


LITTLE ROCK, AR – A 33-year-old man was arrested and jailed Saturday evening after posting a picture of his progress with weight loss.

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The men’s body image group Fearlessly Large Unapologetic Boys (FLUB) made several calls to 911 after the picture was shared during a meeting. “It’s 2015, when are people going to stop objectifying men’s bodies?” asks the group leader. “Posting a picture of his current healthy weight next to his former overweight self implies being fit and healthy is better. We will not stand for it!”

“His body might be able to fit in the back of a squad car, but his giant head can’t,” says the arresting officer. “I have young, overweight boys of my own. What if they were to see that it’s possible to lose weight? It will make them feel terrible about themselves. I had to add assaulting a police officer to his charges because the smell of his confidence hurt my feelings.”

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