27 year NASA study concludes women named Sarah fart the most


WASHINGTON, DC – In an attempt to determine if there’s a correlation between a persons name and the frequency of their flatulence, NASA finished a 27 year long study on the subject and determined women named Sarah [with an ‘h’] fart between 2-3 times more than everyone else they say the H is ‘silent, but deadly’.

“This is the most important study we’ve ever done,” states a researcher. “Although we’ve blown most of the money the agency receives over the years, it was well worth the 0.5% of the entire federal budget knowing such information. If you meet someone named Sarah, prepare for a fart storm.”

“This is ridiculous,” states another scientist named Sarah, coincidentally the ex-wife of the previous interviewee. “First of all, it was done by an all-male lab team. Secondly, they would just go in the break room, lock the doors, drink beers and laugh for 20 minutes every day. 27 years they wasted on this ‘study’.”

NOTE: the woman we interviewed named Sarah farted 14 times during her statement.

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Well, I must say, a girl named Sarah farted in my 8th grade earth science class, in front of everyone, and it was particularly loud and smelly. I must note though, that I’ve known more females named Melissa who are especially prolific farters than any other name.


I would hate to think NASA wastes taxpayer money for such nonsense. This is probably they constantly need more funding. The only results I have seen from NASA in the last 15 years, is the big pile of space junk rotating the earth called Sky Lab. This thing should be shut down and sent on a collision course with the sun.


Hate to tell you this but Skylab was launched in 1973 and fell to earth in 1979 so unless you are a time traveler from the past you haven’t seen SkyLab in the last 15 years and if your comment was meant to be satire like this article well then you also failed there.

Todd James

This entire article should be pulled for its obvious sexist overtones. Everyone Who’s Anyone knows that there are over 9000 peer reviewed studies on pubmed alone proving that women DO NOT FART. Ever. Dave must’ve attempted to weasel this subtle implication into the article to dupe the public into believing they CAN fart in order to defame and slander women. I’m calling Hillary Clinton. Repent!


This makes sense. i have a friend named Sarah… Whenever I go visit her family someone is always ripping farts. She would blame her dog.

27 year NASA study concludes women named Sarah fart the most –

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