Woman signs modelling contract after Instagram selfie hit 47 likes


SEATTLE, WA – A woman received a multi-million dollar contract with Ford Models after a selfie she posted on Instagram went viral and received 47 likes.

“With that kind of popularity, we would be stupid to pass her up,” states a Ford agent. “The amount of friends a woman badgers into liking her photo is a direct reflection of how attractive she is. When I saw on the front page of the newspaper a young lady in Washington garnered 47 likes, I knew I had to fly up there immediately with a contract in hand.”

“The secret to a good selfie is persistence,” the woman offered. “Every time I post a picture I text, call, tweet, Facebook and Myspace message everyone I know about it, and threaten them if they don’t like it. Boys I’m with have to comment the smiley face with the hearts in the eyes, or else. I got the idea from the woman who stabbed her boyfriend for not liking her picture fast enough. Once my latest selfie got 47 likes I quit my job immediately. I knew I was too big for that place. Before I left I went into the men’s room and left an upper-decker. I can do what I want, I’m famous now.”

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I bet everyone of these fools who believe this take Lyrica or Gabapentin, cauze you buffoons are clinically stupid. Almost all of mankind now has all of our cumulative information in the palm of our hands and yet we are the stupidest we have ever been


Does anyone ever read the disclaimer on these sites lolol, ITS SATIRE FOLKS, don’t get your panties in an uproar Lmmfao; read the disclaimer 😂😂😂😂😂


What the fuck? Why do you even need to say that? Of course it’s fake! Nobody is stupid enough to think it’s an actual news story, it’s an obvious joke.


I love the outraged comments! are they a) unsure to the definition of satire? Or b) Oblivious to the tone of the piece work as satirical? Combined with belief in the reality of the story and it’s the perfect combination for a satirist to use the commenters own flaw to attack or ridicule using irony and sarcasm!
Result = the satirist is using satire to satirise the person whom is least able to grasp the satirical nature of the responses to the original post. Comedy gold 😆

Jay Michaels

Absolutely HILLARIOUS considering the fact that Ford Models does not offer “multi-million dollar contracts” to anyone unless they are a well established icon in the industry. In Fact, Ford Models’ “New Faces” divisions actually CHARGE THE MODELS for every little thing, from pictures to “test Shoots” to Postage, Couriers, Printing, and so on and so forth…This story is Crap…A “Click Troll”

TwittSucksBalls (@DontGivesARats)

Who is turning your computer on for you? This website is a fake news site. All the articles are satire/comedy.

You would have to be a moron or suffered severe head trauma to believe any of these articles.

TwittSucksBalls (@DontGivesARats)

I would love to say that it’s ” absolutely hilarious ” that you actually believe this story, but that would not be true. It’s damn scary that you think this is true. You should not be allowed to vote, drive or breathe.


Does anyone else see what I see in her face? If picture was cut down the middle…the left appears to be plumper or thinner in othe half.


It’s because her hair is covering the portion of her neck that would make it look proportionate


47??? Like not 47 thousand or million. Pretty pathetic really. Famous after 47 likes lmfao. That happens on a daily for people I know and they don’t quit their day jobs cause “their famous now” . This is so ridiculous it’s funny.

Todd James

My girlfriend once stabbed me for not liking her picture fast enough. I tried to explain that it took a few seconds because of Internet lag. The problem was though that when police arrived I was charged with attempted murder–she explained that I had attempted to kill her and her three children by thrusting my chest into her chefs knife, which was the only utensil she had to prepare food for her unemployed and food stamp dependent family. After I was released from the hospital I was promptly sent to prison where I learned how hard it can be to be someone’s girlfriend through my cell mate, Bubba.

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