Man jailed for giving herpes to 200+ women he met on mobile dating app


SAN DIEGO, CA – The recent herpes outbreak in Southern California has been traced back to one man who spread the virus to over 200 women he met through the controversial dating app ‘Dumpster Fire‘.


“There isn’t an option to disclose your diseases on the site for men, just the women,” stated the man. “I did my part, I gave them cocaine and they slept with me. I shouldn’t be held responsible for this. If I told every sexual parter I’ve had unprotected sex with that I have diseases, I would never have sex again. It’s not at all my fault.”

At the class action lawsuit filed by the 200 women, the man was sarcastically yawning, blatantly expressing his lack of remorse. The judge had to stop the hearing half way through to make the man take a shower. “It was sickening,” the judge said. “I could almost taste the herpes in the air around him. He’ll be put in solitary quarantine, not that he’ll have to worry about dropping the soap.”

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When was it illegal to have herpes and not tell..js. Its not like aids or HIV its not life threatening. . and no it’s not right he didn’t tell them he should have. Giving them drugs to sleep with him should have been the issue here.

The judge making him takrba shower because” he can taste the herpes in the air” ..REALLY…

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