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North Carolina enforces ‘doggy door’ segregated bathrooms for LGBT people


CHARLOTTE, NC – Lawmakers in North Carolina were frustrated by the backlash of their discriminatory ruling of prohibiting transgendered people from using the facility of the gender they identified with, and took it a step further on Tuesday by enforcing segregated bathrooms for all LGBT people with a ‘doggy door’ they have to crawl in and out of.


“They wanted special treatment, now they got it,” a lawmaker stated. “I know we are losing billions of dollars worth of revenue for the state to big companies like PayPal refusing to build offices here and creating thousands of jobs. What is the point of money if we don’t have morality? It’s common knowledge that when transgendered people, and gays for that matter, go to the bathroom they jump all over the place swinging around what they got. Or don’t got. It’s a fact that is contagious, and living in a state like this is not something I would want our future LGBT people growing up in.”

“The dog door makes sense,” added another lawmaker. “If we let them use doors with handles like people, they’re going to start wanting other human rights too. It’s like when my dog sneezes, I think it’s cute because he thinks he’s people, but he’s not trying to marry a cat or a chicken. Just because the supreme court ruled gay people can get married last year because they’re considered ‘people’, doesn’t mean we have to treat them like human people.”


5 comments on “North Carolina enforces ‘doggy door’ segregated bathrooms for LGBT people

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  2. North Carolina is stupid
    September 14, 2016

    Wow. This just shows how stupid North Carolina is. This article just shows how low people can be. I’m sorry to all the Transgender and gay people living there. My sincerest apologies go to everyone effected by this crazy situation. May the state of North Carolina grow up and start treating people equally..


    • Orangutan Tom
      October 30, 2016

      Why do you think this is a real news website?


  3. Mike McDonald
    May 18, 2016

    Don’t give these morons any ideas, because they WILL try this!


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