MLB finally responds to racist team monikers, Chicago ‘White’ Sox to change name


NEW YORK, NY – After years of protest over its racist team names, Major League Baseball is finally forcing the Chicago ‘White’ Sox to find a less offensive, racially insensitive title.


“I’ve always been offended by the term White Sox,” states an angry white baseball fan after seeing Bomani Jones wearing a ‘Caucasians’ tshirt on ESPN. “Spelling it ‘Sox’ implies we are too busy with our six-figure jobs to add the extra letters to spell it properly. And yes, we get it. Us white people like to wear socks in sandals because we can afford both socks and sandals. Awful.”

Major League Baseball created a list of names acceptable for the Chicago franchise to change its team name to that doesn’t offend any white people:

  • Chicago Moon Crickets
  • Chicago Spooks
  • Chicago Jigaboos
  • Chicago Porch Monkeys
  • Chicago Zipperheads
  • Chicago Cactus Chuckers
  • Chicago Wetbacks
  • Chicago Camel Jockeys
  • Chicago Tar Babies
  • Chicago Prairie Chickens
  • Chicago Gooks
  • Chicago Flatroofers
  • Chicago Jungle Monkey
  • Chicago Wagon Burners
  • Chicago Redskins
  • Chicago Braves
  • Chicago Indians

MLB stated they don’t want to end up like Chris Rock, who was forced to pay $1 million to a white family offended by his use of the ‘N-word’.

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Someone has GOT to update this sucker, with logos for those proposed names. I would love to see a “Jigaboo.”

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