Man issued divorce and assault with weapon charge for giving wife a ‘dutch oven’


PHOENIX, AZ – A 33-year-old man is facing criminal charges for holding his wife’s head under the covers and letting out a ‘catastrophic, minute-long fart’.

dutch oven

The woman cited domestic abuse as grounds for the divorce saying the man has done that before. “He gets farty when he eats what he calls ‘shit-grapes’. It’s those dark green ones only available this time of year. He got up in the middle of the night and ate over six hundred of those turd berries. When he walked back in the bedroom like a death row inmate, I knew what he was clenching in. Before I could scream, he jumped under the covers, grabbed my head and shoved it directly to his buttocks then let out the most mortifying fart imaginable. The more I screamed, the more toxic gas I inhaled. When it was all over I was a shell of the woman I used to be.”

On top of granting the divorce, the judge ordered the man face criminal charges of assault with a weapon. “Given the magnitude of the fart, that counts as a weapon as the woman suffered from lung damage. My husband does the same thing to me, so I’m setting this up as a warning for him.”


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Ben Bukkake

What sad times are these when the ancient “Dutch Oven” torture is used against ones own spouse.

As a Human Rights Lawyer, I can confidently opine that the facts of this particular “Dutch Oven” assault actually qualifies as a “cruel & unusual torture” as defined by the United Nations Treaty on Human Rights.

We Hate Jail

As a criminal defense attorney, this is something that i have never heard of, but if you need me to take on the case… feel free to let me know! LOL!

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