Trumpcare: Americans no longer have to live with preexisting conditions

WASHINGTON – One step closer to an inevitable death sentence for an incalculable amount of Americans, the House of Representatives passed legislation today to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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“People with preexisting conditions are a cancer of their own to the American taxpayer,” stated one supporter. “We agreed to cover just over 100 000 people. Roughly three times that many people in California alone have preexisting conditions, but who gives a shit.”

As an act of mercy, the GOP offered a final solution to those left suffering.

“We’ve set aside $17.50 in the budget for each person with a preexisting condition to buy a 30′ rope. The problem will take care of itself.”

Trump to call an award ceromeny to award himself with a presidential medal for his kind act to humanity



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Rather, in his great speech after striking Syria, he said they would solve healthcare by controlling costs, as by eliminating fraud in insurance and prescription drug industries. So who is the rope for? Oxy manufacturers? Mob?

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