Man shoots wife proving guns don’t kill people, people kill people


Lexington, KY – Upon reading a tweet from the extremist left anarchists, a man decided to take his second amendment right into his own hands. Sick and tired of the claim that guns kill people, he wanted to prove that guns were the best thing to ever happen to America.

Man Shoots Wife
The police arrived 7 minutes after a 911 call was placed for hearing gun shots. When the officer went around the side of the house he found the suspect armed with an assault rife. “What I saw was a man hooting and hollering shooting up the porter potty with his AR-15,” said the officer. The victim was the man’s 34 year old wife. The officer was able to make a full arrest after chasing the man in circles around the trailer park 15 times.

Investigators report that the tweet that set the shooter off read “How many NRA spokesmen do you need to make a peanut butter sandwich? More guns.”

A source close to the investigation reported that the authorities found a note clenched in the victim’s fist that read “I told you so.”

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