Chihuahua deported to Mexico despite insisting on being born in California


WEST COVINA, CA – A chihuahua was given formal notice to vacate the country, stating her presence in the United States is illegal as she was deemed ‘Mexican looking,’ per administration standards.

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The chihuahua, a 4-year-old named Stiñky, was caught by immigration authorities after running away like an idiot when she was going to the bathroom. “If we start giving dogs leniency, what’s to stop us from showing that same humanity to people?” An agent stated. “She didn’t have her papers, she kept saying ‘bort’ and ‘YEEEIIPPP’. I told her to speak American but she wouldn’t comply.”

Her representation, an Australian diplomat named Pepper insisted Stiñky was born in California. The dog was given 30 days to leave the country, or will be subjected to be catapulted over the wall.

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Dave Weasel

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This is fantastic. I can only hope they don’t come after my chihuahua, Joe, AKA “Stinky Joe.” He doesn’t do well behind bars, although he’d probably love to get back to his roots.


This Canadian is having the time of her life reading the comments of the poor souls who ACTUALLY THINK THIS IS A NEWS ARTICLE. ‘Murica!

Colleen Walsh

I think this whole thing is rediculous it’s a dog how can it look Mexican Trump’s wife is Russian and looks it maybe she should get deported.people better start standing up for themselves or there going to end up a police State everywhere and you will no longer have your freedoms our grandfather’s fought for there slowly disappearing

Colleen Walsh

I think this whole thing is rediculous it’s a dog how can he look
Mexican Trump’s wife looks Russian maybe she should be deported too what are they going to try next people have to stand up and put a stop to Trump’s bull or it’ll become a police State


I know this is isn’t true but do you really believe this is funny? You idiots,
Weasel, you might want to find something ekse to write about.

susan revere

Nonono. I may look like a scared little beggar living off table scraps, and in need of a cuddle, but I am no idiot. There was no infraction, no misdemeanor, no felony in the eyes of the law. Well-except for that one time when I was young and reckless and pee-peed on the rug. It’s a fake arrest! Si. Adios Amigos! Going to hide out.

Therese Nozykowski

This is actually very cute my little black chihuahua was actually born in Matamoros Mexico and has health records from a Matamoros, mexico Animal Health Clinic. She was brought over here with her parents/siblings from Mexico and sold here in Plano Texas.
So we always joke about her having a green card. When she dogs a whole under the fence we joke and say she’s running for the Border.

Elvira Miller

Omg my little Benito is in danger he was born in Juarez and he don’t understand yo quiero taco bell in Spanish omg omg we need a lawyer


Do es that muy muy friends dogs need yo be deported to Germán y and Alaska..forma haveing a Germán shepard and alaskan huskys lmao flipping governments is getting pathetic nowadays..

Veronica Rodriguez

OMG! I really can’t believe what I just seen about poor lil Stinky 😢I myself have a 1yr old son(chi)named Dino and I be dammed if they try and do the same with him!Iwish we can all do something to help poor Stinky! I blame all this on our new good for nothing F%#@&$ president 👿


Y’all realize this is a satire site, right? Maybe before jumping to outrage, do a little investigation of the source (they made it easy by adding a ‘disclaimer’ section). If the article seems too absurd to be real, most of the time it is.


You got to be kidding me this has become a very pathic world to live in what harm is that sweet little dog going to do unbelievable

Anna Ramos

Man that’s not something to play with!!! I’m American born citizen and got put on jail in Mexico for coming home to country. What else was she suppose to say, ” yo qiuero taco Bell” i mean seriously!!!

Lori Barrick

Trump needs deported eles where. She’s a Dog because she’s from Mexico means nothing as I Myself am owned by a Chihuahua named Shadow age 1 year old and He’s going no where as Hes My Son and We LIVE in a FREE COUNTRY GOD BLESS THE USA

Akara McKane

Well I say that’s some pretty trumped up charges if you ask me!
Or is that who’s behind it? Hmmmm? I wonder…


You really need a pronunciation for that name. Stee nyink ee? Does it involve rolling an N?

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