Office jerk makes enough coffee for one


TARZANA, CA – An irrated group of people watched as their co-worker filled a coffee mug full of water, poured it into the machine, and turned it on.

“She’s always doing garbage like this,” stated a man from the office next to hers. “One time, she promised everyone pizza. Then she changed her mind at the last minute. When someone left to get our substitute lunch, she ran out to take their parking spot.”

Another employee chimed in, “she ate all the mini Kit Kat bars, so I’m not surprised. Coffee for one? Classic Hannah. Or Hognah, because she is a total pig. There was a new girl that started here last week. One day the AC was on too high, so she grabbed a blanket left lying around. What she didn’t know was that Hognah uses that as a fart blanket to muffle her stink. When we told the new girl about this, she had to be brought to the hospital.”

No word yet on whether or not more coffee was made for anyone else.

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