Trump legal team devises strategy for Russia case


WASHINGTON – After a lawyer left the Trump Team Legal Squad like a rat jumping a sinking ship, the remaining council members implemented a new tactic for this dumpster fire of a case.

When asked about Putin, collusion, or even the 1980 Winter Olympics where USA upset Russia in the gold medal hockey game, the entire administration has been instructed to bury their head in sand and fart out the words ‘Hillary’s emails.’

“If they ask about Russia, just say ‘Hillary’s emails,’ the memo on the White House refrigerator read. “Go ahead and recite a number of emails. 30 000, or 100 0000, or ten million. Who cares, just mention Hillary and her emails when the subject of Donny Jr. illegally obtaining information during the election comes up. If you need to remember this, just think – election – deflection. Write it on the back of your hand, Don Sr.”

Trump and his family are no strangers to burying their head in the sand. “I got this,” Ivanka stated. “When my father had a nation wide show-and-tell at the White House to showcase American products from every state, I buried my head in the sand when asked why all my charm braclets are manufactured overseas. I even lofted my farts with my dad’s Chinese made ties.”

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