Ghosts of Trans soldiers weigh in on dying for your freedom to hate them


CALICO, CA – Phantoms of dead American Trans soldiers gathered today for a discussion on their sacrifice for freedom, including the right to hate and oppress.

“If DooOOOoonald Trump wants to end our right to serve in the military, that is his right as our leader,” one ghost said. “Creating a culture of oppression is what he promised when people elected him. I’m very cooOOOoonfused why people would think he would be tolerant and accepting.”

Another spirit chimed in, “Well, this could be about abuse of the payment of surgery. Some people join the military just to have a sex change paid for. Just kidding, if that were true, they would end that benefit instead of banning us. Kicking us out sends a clear message that not all human rights apply to all humans in America anymore. For better or worse, my service to this country is for freedom. Someday people will respect that.”

“That sack of garbage Kim Jong-un of North Korea thinks he knows how to oppress his people?” Trump said. “Check. Mate. Bitch.”

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