Mooch Fired for Telling Substitute Teacher There Was Homework Over Weekend


WASHINGTON – Surpassing all expectations, lunatic Anthony Scaramucci lasted an entire 10 days before finally being fired as the White House Communications Director.

“Who knew that when you talk to a reporter, they report the things you say?”

When everyone returned on Monday, The Mooch informed the substitute teacher there was an ethics assignment due that day. None of the other students did their homework, as the subject is completely lost on them.

“I can’t even pronounce the word, let alone define it,” Trump stated. “How am I supposed to write a report on it? This jackass wants to tell on me, and the whole administration – I mean, class for not bothering to understand basic ethics. He has to go.” Scarmucci, not known as an ethical person, as proven by his psychotic meltdown to a reporter last week, had a different idea for the assignment.

“Firstly, how dare that reporter fulfill his duty as a journalist to share one of my classic Crazy Tony ramblings, serving as a warning to the American people what kind of maniac I am. Who knew that when you talk to a reporter, they report the things you say? Anyways, I mimicked Trump’s movements to get here, so all I had to do for the ethics assignment was describe the exact opposite of everything he does and says. I’m expecting this paper to be written in textbooks for generations.”

Soon after Crazy Tony’s dignity left, his wife did too.

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