Trump angry Mary & Joseph didn’t thank him for taking back ‘Merry Christmas’

BETHLEHEM – After an appearance on the Maury Show by Mary and Joseph, President Trump is enraged the couple didn’t specifically thank him for making “Merry Christmas” safe to say again for 0.0000000000000001% of Americans previously “afraid” to utter the holiday greeting.

“I went in there, and negotiated the release of the term ‘Merry Christmas’ after 2017 years of it being assaulted by a microscopic, virtually non-existent part of the country,” stated Trump. “For them to go on there, talk about the birth of their baby without mention of The Donald makes me furious. I may as well name Jerusalem the capital of Israel because they’re being so un-American.”

The War on Christmas is considered to be the president’s greatest battle.


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