Tomi Lahren on tattoo: “It’s a reminder of where I came from”

WASHINGTON – Answering “5 Things You Didn’t Know about Tomi Lahren” nobody asked, the political commentator went back in time to 2005 and took a Myspace survey.

“People are always asking about my tattoos,” Lahren wrote. “I designed the one on my wrist as a homage to my father, Lucifer – or Lou as he’s known in Hell. It’s a reminder of where I came from.”

“My second tattoo is a roman numeral 666 with a semicolon, because I saw it on a Pinterest board of impulsive tattoo trends and thought it was perfect. This way I can glance at my wrist and be reminded of why I am here when I tape my ‘Final Solution'”

You can get a copy of the full transcript here.

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