Fox News dominates nominations for Trump’s Annual Fake News Awards

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce he will be hosting his first annual Fake News Awards Show to be held on Monday, January 8th.

Fox News dominated the nominees in nearly every category, including Best Actor for their remarkable performance in Journalistic Integrity. “I don’t want to give anything away, but the performance was so lifelike. People thought they were experiencing real journalistic integrity,” stated the president.”Their broadcast of ‘Hysteria’ is expected to win Best Picture for their depiction of their namesake. Best Actress is going to Ann Coulter, for her performance as a human woman. Fooled so many people!”

Drudge Report was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for their fantasy Presidential Poll series. Brietbart’s Steve Bannon picked up a nod for Best Director for his World War II Nazi reenactment. Best Foreign Film is expected to go to Donald Trump’s own Twitter account, for the sloppily translated Russian classic, ‘Treasonous Collusion.’

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