Summer Camp Pals Reminisce About Sunset Views From Cages

EL PASO, TX – Two summer camp friends caught up with each other over the week to catch up and reminisce about their summertime memories locked up in cages at camp.

“The best part was no parents were allowed,” said the first woman. “We had empty water bottles to play with and these cool Chipolte foil wrappers to sleep in. Oh, it was so great! The nature walks were fantastic. I got to learn there’s a whole world out there through the spaces of the chain link fence.”

“I wasn’t as keen on saying goodbye to my parents,” the other woman stated. “There were a bunch of us crying and shitting our pants, but I was quickly distracted by the counselors in uniforms carrying badges tasing us. That got me over it real quick!”

“If things went wrong, everyone knew CPR – Child Prison Room. Things were a lot safer once everyone knew CPR,” she added.

The first woman hopes to become a counselor one day. “With enough training over a weekend, I think I have what it takes to work with these kids. All I have to do is fail the police psychological test 18 times in a row.”

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