NRA: “School shootings dramatically drop since summer vacation started”

FAIRFAX, VA – The NRA is touting a drop in the recent trend of school shootings due to the fact kids are not at school during the summer months.

“If you think gun control works, please explain how states with the most relaxed gun laws in the country have seen no school shootings since the schools closed down over the summer break?” an NRA member said. “Take that Libtards!”

A spokesperson chimed in, “The real problem is education. When people learn about anything, they make a better judgment call in decisions. This eliminates ‘alternative facts’ and replaces them with ‘scientific facts’. Part of living in a free country is the right to free speech. If we can’t express our opinions, we are nothing more than a Mexico. If we don’t treat opinions as facts, we are nothing more than the other Mexico. El Slaveador (sic) or something. Don’t forget the bible and MS-13’s.”

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