Kanye allowed to speak in Oval Office despite failing ‘paper bag test’

WASHINGTON – In a move that shattered racial barriers, Kanye was permitted to speak in the Oval Office despite having skin color darker than a paper bag.

“Everyone in here has to pass the paper bag test,” stated a veteran speaker. “It’s a one of the only requirements to be in this cabinet, having skin lighter than a paper bag. We hold it up to everyone entering and if your skin is darker, you have to wait outside. It’s a tradition my churh has been doing for a while. And my fraternity. And my parent’s house.”

“Despite this ground breaking bridge between the whites and the whatevers, we had to set up some rules,” a security advisor added. “We gave him a talking stick. If he wasn’t holding it, he wasn’t allowed to speak. It’s a block of wood we wrote ‘NBA’ on.”

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