Study shows nobody cares you never saw Game of Thrones

A scientific study reveals 0 out of 10 human beings show any interest in someone declaring they have not seen a single episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

“At first, everyone was telling me I’d like the show,” states a man who hasn’t given it a chance. “Always saying, you gotta watch it, and I was like, no! I don’t like wizards commanind the fart dragons to shit on the gates of the west type of shows. But after many years and 1000 batteries for my megaphone, I can’t find anyone to tell this to that cares anymore.”

“My example would say it after general greetings,” said one woman in the study. “I’d say something like, good morning and he’d reply, ‘Game of Thrones? Haven’t seen it’. Or I’d ask what time it was and he’d reply, ‘Time? I have so much of it because I spend it not waching Game of Thrones.'” I haven’t seen him since he was arrested announcing it on a Walmart intercom, naked.”

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