HYPOCRITES! The “tolerant left” not very tolerant of sexist, racist, xenophobic hate speech

ALBANY – a man has brilliantly found a flaw in liberal logic which contradicts itself in its core principle.

“I was on a social media website where it all started,” said the anonymous internet user with a frog AVI and several star and American flag emojis in his name. “I was spewing out my usual ‘fuck minorities, fuck Muslims, fuck women, fuck Mexicans and fuck Canadians’. Suddenly a bunch of libtards piled on me saying, ‘no, fuck you’. That’s when it dawned on me, the left isn’t very tolerant of my free speech! I’m trying to oppress people by squashing their constitutional rights to feel safe, and they’re not taking it lying down! Hypocrites!”

“Free speech unfortunately covers hate speech,” one tree-hugging liberal stated. “They’re allowed to say we suck. We can say they suck back. See how that works?”

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