2nd Amendment “SFULL NOT BE INFINGD” shouts guy with mouthful of chewed off ‘well regulated’ part


SAN FERNANDO VALLEY – A guy from something like Arkansas or Mississippi shouted a cryptic message that the 2nd Amendment ‘sfull not be infingd’. 

Linguistic specialists translated the words to ‘shall not be infringed’. “It was hard to understand him because he was taking with his mouth full,” stated an expert. “Turns out, he bit off the part of the constitution that reads, ‘well regulated’ in order to make his point valid.”

“This is my god-given right given by men who formed this country,” stated the man. “Just because it was written at a time when people could own people, doesn’t mean it’s outdated. If you know how to read, you’ll see it says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Those talking about the ‘well regulated’ specifications it explicitly starts off with are ignoring the bigger picture and don’t understand interpretation.”

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