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Health and Fitness Magazine

Hello The Valley Report,

Hope, You are doing well!

This is James from Health and Fitness Magazine, inviting to you share your unique content. Are you interested for a guest post?


Danielle Bourassa

Answer Media has a unique offering of impactful solutions to help publishers progress their businesses in meaningful ways. A few solutions for publishers:

— SpaceMob Studio does custom video production to help publishers scale up their video strategy and create more video inventory to monetize.

— Rocket Yield is a mediation layer and optimization platform helping publishers manage, prioritize and properly facilitate competition among multiple 3rd party video providers, such as outstream video.

— Outsourced ad sales service for publishers to have a direct programmatic ad sales strategy with an experienced team that gets results, but on a commission-only model that limits the risk.

Please reach out to me if any of these solutions may be a fit or if you want to learn more.


Danielle Bourassa

Shelly Jones

What I am trying to figure out is the new murder calls 911 show and the liability of the 911 operator who tells the victims to hide. There fate was sealed in that one breath, to hide. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I never heard, what do you want to do? Stay on the phone, jump out the window? What kind of poor training do they have? They never helped the victims, like maybe open the window and throw your shoes out, like you jumped already and took off. HIDE IN THE CLOSET? WTF? Those dispatchers are liable for sealing those women’s fate! If I’m supposed to post this somewhere else, then let me know!

Otto Toot

Have you retired? I’m desperate for more news. The other news sites are too boring. Hurry up and get motivated please.


From an anonymous source deep inside The Valley Report, word has it that you guys write this stuff after getting high on model glue and really skanky weed. Is it really true or Urban Myth?


I am using your research for the foundational work of a $20M federally funded study on the breeding of breeders. If named Sarah, how often they glow, how many food babies they have, etc.

Kris (@KrispyKremeGuy)

I’m not sure how I’ve never seen these articles because I’m a news junkie. I easily watch the news two to three times a month.

Having said that, these are pretty fantastic.

And I love that they’re all true.

Nice work guy(s)?

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