2 000 000 hits per month and all of these stories are fake. Don’t be stupid.


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Lol no, no they don’t both work. Not the way you’re describing anyway. See, maybe, maybe not. Or that may be, or may not be. Some thing may be exaggerated. Not, “Some things maybe exaggerated. So… you’re both wrong LOL
Bst brush up on your vocabulary, syntax, and grammer before trolling other people for mistakes in theirs 🙂


Well, it’s a copy of “The Onion,” but so what? The headlines are pretty funny.

Candy Crush Invites Murder Story is Satire, Not Real News – Hoax-Slayer 2G

[…] The story comes via the satirical website, The Vally Report. The site includes the following disclaimer to alert readers that its reports tend to stray from the […]

Darwin Award Winner ? – Page 2

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